CDC Operating SUpport Fund Overview:

The SBGP Board of Directors has made $900,000 available to support three local Community Development Corporations (CDCs) by covering a portion of their operating expenses over a period of three years. This will allow these organizations to spend less of their time fundraising for basic needs, and more of their time crafting creative, community-driven real estate projects. 

Each recipient is eligible for up to $300,000, with an anticipated funding schedule of up to $150,000 in Year 1, up to $100,000 in Year 2, and up to $50,000 in Year 3.

This focus on CDCs is rooted in SBGP’s Strategic Plan, which calls for us to make meaningful and measurable change in the topic of Community Development and Revitalization. Our goal is to help neighborhoods to attract the kind of investment that they are looking for, and this in turn requires stable institutions working at the local level to drive the market in accordance with community aspirations. 

ALL Letters of Interest responses will be accepted on a rolling basis until Thursday, January 31, 2019 by 5:00PM.  If at any point the Committee believes that less than three interested parties are likely to be approved by the Board, they may begin additional rounds of LOI solicitations. 

For technical assistance, questions or concerns contact Amy Bernstein, Technical Consultant at or Acacia Asbell, Director of Community Grants at

For detailed information about our CDC Operating Support  Fund, please refer to our CDC Fund Guidelines: