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This application is for nonprofit organizations seeking funding for transformational real estate projects under the South Baltimore Gateway Partnership's Community Development Fund (CDF). 

This is a separate program from SBGP Community Grants, with different rules and timing. The CDF accepts applications on a rolling basis, but will not review applications for anything other than transformational real estate projects. 

Detailed grant guidelines and instructions can be found on at CDF page on the SBGP website (  

Hello Grantees of South Baltimore Gateway Partnership, 

Thank you for completing the quarterly or final report for your SBGP-fund project. Please note Grantee' reports are used to share how SBGP funds are being spent, with members of the public and SBGP district. In order to share a project status with our Board members and community stakeholders, please submit quarterly reports by the following schedule:

January 5th

April 5th

July 5th 

October 5th 

* SBGP acknowledges the hard work that goes into project planning and ongoing project management. If your project has just started and/or is still in the planning phases, you are still encouraged to submit a report to reflect your planning efforts.

Please contact Acacia Asbell at if you have any questions regarding reporting requirements. 

South Baltimore Gateway Partnership